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Downtown Gilbert

Downtown Gilbert

One of America's top 20 thriving cities.

Here are some things you probably didn't know about Gilbert, Arizona:


  • Gilbert boasts one of the highest median incomes in the state of Arizona at $85,187 and a population of three persons per household.

  • 72.6% of Gilbert’s psychographic make-up consists of "Up and Coming Families", "Boomburgs" and "Soccer moms."


  • Gilbert has a nationally ranked K–12 system through the Gilbert, Higley and Chandler public school districts.


  • Gilbert’s job-based economic development strategy specifically identifies Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as essential components to the community’s economic foundation.

  • Gilbert’s booming housing industry is coupled with booming businesses. Gilbert is home to many companies with focuses in Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Bio-Technology, Clean Technology, and Renewable Energy.


  • Quotes said about Gilbert: Unbeatable Quality of Life: Best Place to Live in the U.S., One of America's Top 20 Thriving Cities, a Top Place in the Nation to Live and Learn, a Best Places for Job Seekers in Arizona, the #1 City in the Nation for Working Parents, 17th in the Nation for First-Time Home Buyers and the 2nd Safest City in the U.S.

As Gilbert continues to build out over the next decade, the estimated population is expected to reach 330,000.

So with those fun facts, I decided to take some time to explore Gilbert and snap some photos hoping to share what I see. Enjoy!


If you're taking a nice stroll downtown, you will find historic art placed along the sidewalks and buildings.

Lots of outdoor seating at the many restaurants downtown. Perfect for the cooler times in Arizona.

Liberty Market is a breakfast, lunch, dinner restaurant with a fun vintage feel. I have always gone for breakfast and have never been disappointed.

Hale Theatre puts together some great musicals. What's different about this theatre is that it's a circle amphitheater. So you will see actors coming from every direction throughout the play. Very engaging, and they serve alcoholic beverages. Thumbs up for that!

Postinos is downtown as well, and they serve incredible portions of bruschetta. Their happy hour is pretty on point. You can get $5 glasses of wine and a full bruschetta board for $14. Not too shabby.

I had to capture Postinos' outdoor seating area. Absolutely love the bright and vibrant colors in their furniture and decor.


The city is filled with tree-lined streets, big front porches, and white vinyl fences. It’s customary to know your neighbors. You’ll see families walking down the street, making conversation, and enjoying each others company.

Agritopia is an adorable neighborhood and right beside it, you'll notice a lot of farmland around you! What this community values the most is being educated about how food grows, seasonality, the life cycle of plants and how farm animals can live a very good life.

If you are ever in the area of Agritopia, check it out. There is The Coffee Shop and The Farm Grill available for you to try fresh drinks and delicious food. All locally grown, of course. 

P.S. Gilberts' Farmers Market is on Saturdays from 7AM - 12PM. Info Here


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Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale