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Home Buying Part 1

Home Buying Part 1

This past week has been one of contemplation for our family.

We received our lease renewal notice at our current apartment this past week, giving us just five days to decide if we'd like to stay for another year or move somewhere new.  We've had a great experience here at Cascade, and we've had some of the BEST memories (e.g. Matt's surprise party!), but we also know that we want to buy a home and start planning for a family.  Given that we had a short window to reply to our notice, we had to quickly meet with our friend Casey Cutter, who is a loan officer, and see what financing looks like.

The good news is, we are in a great position to buy a home now. 
The bad news is, we don't know where we want to buy. Haha.
And the other bad news is, I'm not crazy with what's on the market currently.

After much prayer, and several Pros and Cons lists, Matt and I have decided to buy a house!  Since it is unlikely we will find a place before our lease ends we'll be staying at my mother-in-law's house while we look at neighborhoods and homes. . . and it doesn't hurt that we'll be saving a ton of money in the meantime. 

I'd be lying to you if I didn't say this decision made me even a little nervous. It makes me VERY nervous! We would be relocating to a different city, and our lives, our stuff, would be in storage until we find a home.  But here's the deal. . . if we move in with family for a few months, Matt and I would save thousands of dollars vs. doing a month-to-month lease at our current complex.  And we can remove the pressure we're feeling to buy something quickly with an expiring lease approaching.

Sometimes, the best decisions for your family are unconventional and inconvenient . . . FOR A SEASON.  But I have found in life that a little sacrifice, and bold vision for your family, produces real success and investment into a great future.

I know I will feel frustrated in the process, only because I won't have my own space for a while.  But I'm offsetting that frustration with the following points below and reminding myself that this is a real champagne problem to have haha.

Pros of hanging our hats with family for the winter:

1. We'll be closer to both of our parents
2. More time with my brother-in-law, 'cause he's awesome (and single, ladies ;) ) 
3. Closer to some of our best friends
4. Lots of staycations and eating out if we're ever restless
5. We are buying in a position of strength and patience, which tends to improve results in real estate transactions

Friends - Pray for us as we embark on this journey in September. I know we have a month or so before we have to move. But pray for peace that this cramped season will be a quick one, with lots of laughter, joy, and emotional and spiritual relationship building. I'll be sharing this experience with you all when the time comes, so don't go anywhere and keep me company!



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