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What Is White Quarter?

What Is White Quarter?

Can I share something with you? I feel like I'm going in a different direction with this blog.

When I launched White Quarter, I envisioned it to be a resource about the lifestyles offered by the various neighborhoods in the Sun Valley.  But with each new post I realized that my heart was not invested in the words I wrote about that topic.  At the same time, I found I was using my Instagram account as a personal journal, and I found satisfaction in THAT way more.  I love sharing what's going on in my life, what music I'm listening to, and who I'm spending time with.  If you've been following me on Instagram for any amount of time you'll also know I get a thrill from posting about my cats.  Ever since I started opening up my life to the world I've met some incredible people who are doing remarkable things.

How amazing is it that a photo, video, or caption we share can create an instant human connection with someone from a different walk of life in a completely different part of the world?

As I re-read one of my recent blog posts, it occurred to me that instead of discussing trendy neighborhoods I was sharing my story on here too. . . and you know what? I'm ok with that.  So I'm re-defining what White Quarter is and what it means to me now.

White Quarter is a space to share my story, my fears, and my victories.  I want people to see there is someone else who is just as imperfect as they are, and know they are not alone in the common struggle of life.  I want to create a community where friends can reach out to each other in times of need.  Seeking prayer, seeking encouragement... and finding success in the midst of adversity!  I want to see pictures of your cats (and dogs).  I want to share my favorite songs, and hear yours too.

The guy who wrote the "Toy Story" song said it best. . . You've got a friend in me.

I encourage you to be part of my life through this conduit, and follow along on my journey.  I hope you'll get to know me over the years, because first impressions are only the tip of an iceberg.


Gloria Celeste


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