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Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii, Italy

And we are off to southern Italy! Our time in Tuscany was relaxing and everything we imagined it to be. I can't wait to see and experience everything the Amalfi Coast has to offer, but first we're taking a pit stop off in POMPEII. 

A car ride from Tuscany to Naples is about 5 hours. We wanted to save ourselves some time so we opted for the train. Let me just say, this exceeded my expectations entirely. Take a look... 

One thing I want to point out is that there are several different train services that you can choose from, but there are only two train operators that run high speed. You can do a state run train, or a privately owned train. The public train Trenitalia, and the private Italo. We chose Italo . 

Matthew and I felt the extra cost for Club Executive was completely worth it. It was totally empty, with clean separate bathrooms, and complimentary food and beverage service in the club lounge. When you arrive to the train station, there will be kiosks outside of your train provider to check in, but if you book "Club Executive", be sure to go into the Italo booth because that is where you get access to the lounge. You can find more info here

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I remember studying the devastation that happened to Pompeii, Italy in middle school . The history of that city stuck with me because I couldn't imagine losing my family, my home, my life, in such an immediate and catastrophic way. 

Being there in person, walking the city, walking into peoples homes, was overwhelming. As Matthew and I walked the streets of this once-beautiful city, we felt as if we were apart of it, and could feel the massive loss that happened to the people here. Pompeii was much bigger better preserved than we expected. We wandered for hours and several times managed to get lost; that's just how large this city was.


Boob grab portrait? The guy on the far left must be the husband. Haha. 


There are a few parts in the city that have preserved bodies you can examine. I didn't feel it was appropriate to post , but if you find that interesting and want to see how well a human body can be preserved from molten lava, you can find that here. 

We're grateful we had enough time to see Pompeii. Never in a million years did I think I would see this place in person.

From Pompeii we head off to the coast of Sorrento and Capri!!  



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