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I'm Baacckk!!



I went off the grid for a few months there. I'm not going to lie, I've been unpacking some real matters of the heart. But I'm back and I feel like me again. I just want to say, I've thought about deleting my blog sooo many times this year it's stupid. I have had a hard time defining what this blog is even about. 

I've questioned why anyone would even follow me. 

But I've come to this. . . I like sharing my life and a few people have told me they like following along.

I have developed this new profound love for real estate over the past year. The more I do it, the more I get it (you would hope right?). What I mean by this, is I am starting to identify what is lacking in this industry and what I can do to help make it better! Also, you guys already know this about me, but I love sharing my city. I love taking photos of my coffee (haha) and I love posting photos of my friends and family. That's just me. 


I don't claim to be a fashion blogger. No way am I a fitness blogger. I'm not a beauty blogger. I'm not even a travel blogger. 

But what I hope to do, is add value to your life. I want to help sort through some of the weird things that happen in real estate, and perhaps some of the weirder things that happen in life. I hope to inspire you to get out of the house more. No one deserves to get stuck in a routine. Rather, we should grow our circle of friends! We should be socially and emotionally challenged! And we should make great memories like... midnight cigar smoking, or dance parties in your living room with your friends, or diving into a resort pool with your clothes on, or jugs of red wine spilling in your apartment elevator (yes all these things have happened).

The last few months I've been working hard to launch a new kind of real estate business. There's a long list of challenges buyers & sellers face and I'm hoping to debug each and every topic so you feel prepared for when that season in your life hits. :) I'll be sharing more of that soon so stay tuned. 

I hope if you've bought a home, or sold a home, or might buy a home, or might sell a home that you'll enjoy following me. And even if you never need real estate advice, I hope my forthcoming posts are an honest view into another human's life and they bring you some peace and laughter in yours.

Cheers to being halfway through 2018! 



Our Weekend In Prescott

Our Weekend In Prescott